My photographic journey began at school in the physics lab. Developing the film in a spiral tank and contact prints using a wooden printing frame were the order of the day. We had no darkroom so the science cupboard (a small walk in room) was substituted. Prints were made by loading the negative and paper in the cupboard and by trial and error counting elephants in the corridor lighting. Oh happy days.

Leaving school my interest waned as I had neither the time or money to pursue this as a hobby. It was not until the birth of my second son that I took photography seriously again. Indeed the family camera, a Kodak 127 Brownie would capture at least two annual holidays on a single roll of film. I bought a Russian made Zenith-E with a Helios 44-2 lens. Robust it was, and I achieved a modicum of success with it. However it became more and more frustrating  as more often than not I would forget to close the diaphragm and overexposed the negative. Oh how I longed for the Zenith-EM with its automatic diaphragm.

I soon moved onto a Pentax K with an array of lenses from 35mm to 200mm all of which were prime as zoom was in its infancy and the results not as sharp as they are today. At this point I really got hooked and the bathroom was, for a short time, my darkroom, Constantly being interrupted by the rest of the family wanting to use the bathroom I very quickly converted the back of the garage into a permanent set up. Oh bliss!

My next generation of cameras were a Hasselblad 500CM with the much larger 2.5 square negatives and a Leica M6 both of which I still have and the Leica mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

My one regret in life was selling by Sinar Norma monorail camera which I absolutely loved. I panicked when digital started taking hold of the industry and part exchanged it for my first digital