Herborn is a historic town on the river Dill, district of Hesse Germany. A quiet town with many half timbered houses in the old part of the town. With around 20,000 inhabitants it has that sleepy appearance that most of us would like to reside in. With pedestrianised street people congregate to discuss whatever is on their mind at that time

Image sitting drinking a stein of bier watching the world go by when all of a sudden the peace is shattered by the throaty roar of sports cars. The day I was there just happened to be the same day chosen by the owners club descending on the sleepy town for a get together. One by one Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsche and the odd Maclaren paraded themselves winding through the cobbled streets eventually parking in two large groups in amongst the lookers on and shoppers who could only stop and stare.

I have no desire to own one of these machines, I will leave it to the old men trying to recapture their youth and the young petrol heads for now.

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