“A friend of mine told me a story about a fantastic tantrum his daughter had had where she was inconsolable whilst at the same time watching herself and the effect she was having in the mirror” Laura Ford

This was the inspiration for Laura Ford to create 5 sculptures of young girls set in the quiet melancholic atmospheric part of the woodland at Jupiter Artland , an award-winning contemporary sculpture garden located just outside Edinburgh and set in over 100 acres of meadow and woodland.

For anyone who has had or lived with young children in the family can relate to these tantrums and all part of the process of growing up, finding the boundaries with adults, seeking attention or simply expressing their frustrations.

Coming across these sculptures was, for me, quite an emotional experience. At first glance they look almost life like, yet you know they are not. There are no faces, no identity, do we stand by until the tantrum is over or try one of the 19 different tactics every child rearing books tells us to try, yet you somehow know this child and want to engage with them.

Reflecting on the sculptures I spent some time wandering around, getting to know the posture of each. I could pre-visualise them in a circle of light, wanting to be noticed, the centre of attention and in monochrome without the distractions of colour.

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