Celebration of Life

As we come to the end of the year we think back on the highs and lows and as 12 o’clock approaches our thoughts turn to the New Year. We…

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Herborn is a historic town on the river Dill, district of Hesse Germany. A quiet town with many half timbered houses in the old part of the town. With around 20,000 inhabitants it…

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Pensive Moment at Sunset
Shoreline Isle of Barra

Pensive Moment at Sunset

The long journey from Glasgow to Oban, a ferry across to Castlebay on Barra followed by a short drive to the Isle of Barra Beach Hotel. As evening settled on…

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Winters Day in Oxford

It had been raining hard all day and I watched as the rain drops slowly ran down the window of my room, not a great inspiration for getting the camera…

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