The long journey from Glasgow to Oban, a ferry across to Castlebay on Barra followed by a short drive to the Isle of Barra Beach Hotel. As evening settled on the Island the beautiful red glow of sunset fell on Tangasdale Beach leaving us with a feeling of calm and serenity to end the day

Camera Club judges frequently deride pictures of sunsets in the belief that every photographer has done it to death. What they fail to recognise is the very emotion that a beautiful sunset evokes within us, that inspires us to take it before being lost in the twilight. Sunsets are not only beautiful and sensual, but they also give meaning that suggests an ending, a change from day to night and transformation from light to dark.

Sunrise brings hope for a new day, the sunset brings a sense of harmony that all is well, a time for reflection. As darkness settles around us we can question whether we have done what we set out to do that day. Have we been the person we wanted; have we left things undone

We should take every opportunity to watch a sunset. Sunset gazing may also have a number of benefits, to slow down, to reflect to begin a mental rest after the activities of the day.

Mist, those tiny droplets of water that hang in the air, formed as warm air cools rapidly on hitting a much cooler surface changing its state from invisible to visible. I just love those early mornings when this happens. A low sun rising on the horizon, warming the air and steam laying over a pond or stream. It turns quite and ordinary landscape into a kaleidoscope. It is a time to just sit an ponder the wonders of nature.

Mist on the Water
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